Vlclean. Information system for the laundries and express dry cleaners management.

VLClean is the Information System for the Management of Laundries, Express Dry Cleaners, Shoemakers, Textile Arrangements developed by Visual Limes.

All the aspects of the management of groups of dry cleaners, shoemakers or clothing arrangements, from the purchase of materials, the available services, the home service, have been resolved in an original and reliable way and with information in real time from any place with Internet access.

Integrates into a single technological solution with a 3-layer web system that can be used in the cloud or locally, all the modules needed to manage the purchase of consumables, types of work, price rates, logistical movements between stores.

Reliably solve all aspects of a group of dry cleaners in a centralized way. Very simple and intuitive to use from the web browser and very easy to deploy in chain stores.

It allows the integration with warning systems S.M.S. or via email to inform the client about their work has been completed.

It also allows the integration with systems 24 hours of automatic delivery of garments to customers through a dispensing robot.