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Nefrosoft® from Visual Limes integrated with the IANUS system of the Galician Health Service

During the year 2018 in Visual Limes we have worked together with systems of the Galician Health Service in the integration of our nephrology information…

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Visual Limes implements its Farhos® Hospital Pharmacy information system in the CASMU of Uruguay

Last November, Visual Limes launched the Farhos Gestión Integral information system for Hospital Pharmacy at the CASMU Hospitals in Montevideo. The Assistance Center of the…

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Successfully implanted Nefrosoft® in the Menydial Clinic of Ecuador

We have recently implanted in the Menydial Clinics in Ecuador our Nefrosoft® comprehensive management system for information on patients with kidney disease. Proudly Ecuadorian!! The…

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New version of Farhos® 5.2.7 the hospital pharmacy management system of Visual Limes

We recently launched the new version 5.2.7 of our comprehensive Farhos® hospital pharmacy management system, we will tell you about some of the improvements included.…

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Visual Limes develops the new version of Farhos ERP in web technology

During the year 2017 in Visual Limes we have been working on updating Farhos ERP version 5.2.7 to web technology, more modern, versatile and easy…

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Nefrosoft® integrated with the Diraya system of the Andalusian Health Service

From Visual Limes we have integrated Nefrosoft® with the Diraya electronic health record system of the Andalusian Health Service. Diraya is the system used in…

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Visual Limes successfully implements the integration of Farhos with the HIS at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid

During the second half of 2017 Visual Limes in collaboration with IT and Pharmacy of the Hospital G.U. Gregorio Marañón, Systems of the Madrid Health…

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Nefrosoft® connects bidirectionally with hemodialysis machines

Now Nefrosoft® connects with the hemodialysis machines in a bidirectional way, sending the scheduled treatment for the patient to the machine, apart from receiving the…

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