Is a complete Hospital Pharmacy Information Management System and Oncology.

From the IT perspective, it solves the interrelationship of multidisciplinary operations brilliantly.

All the requirements of the management of the hospital pharmacy from procurement and warehouse management, the oncology (preparation of cytostatics), electronic assisted prescription (EAP),  medicines distribution, individualized medicines dispensing to both inpatients and outpatients, management of intravenous mixtures preparation, management of pharmacokinetic studies, generation of reports and statistics, as well as integrations with automated warehouses and other hospital information systems have been resolved in an original and reliable way in those more than 15 years of development.


Modular system

It integrates in only one technological solution all the necessary modules to manage the information of a hospital pharmacy. Due to the design and development of Farhos over the past 15 years, it helps to eliminate paper documents and records and also allows to fulfill the requirements of the Joint Commission Accreditation and Quality Management System based on ISO 9001.


It includes connectivity with other software applications hospital and pharmaceutical. Farhos exchanges data with other applications such as hospital admissions, outpatient clinics, laboratories, robotic warehouses Kardex and ROWA, plant dispensers Pyxis, etc.

Data synchronization

It allows to synchronize data at any time about the location of patients in hospital beds and verify data on outpatient visits when a patient comes to the external pharmacy to withdraw medication.

Alerts’ System

It has a system of alerts previous to the administrion of the selected medication and the pharmaceutical validation. It is possible to directly integrate Farhos with a drugs information data base, interactions, allergy alerts, maximum dose like Medi-Span, Vademecum, Medimecum, etc., and can be also obtained from this integration the contraindications and the drugs’ detailed description.

Farhos’ Modules

Farhos® incorporates the following modules allowing to address the various aspects of managing a hospital pharmacy.

Integrations available in Farhos®

Farhos® is a system to be integrated with other information systems commonly in use in the health sector both in hospitals and clinics.

The main systems that can be integrated are the HIS (Health Information System), the LIS (Laboratoy Information System), the LDAP or Active Directory to manage users, mixtures’ preparation robots and automatic medicines dispenser and medicines information systems like Vademecum.

These integrations can be made using the HL7 standard protocol or by using web services available in the hospital or clinic.

Farhos training plan

To ensure the proper implementation of Farhos in a hospital, it is essential to conduct a thorough action of training to technicians and users to participate in the use and management of the software.

It is therefore necessary to consider the training section, at different levels, as a section that requires special attention for project implementation. An adequate training for the future users of Farhos of the pharmacy, medical and nurse services it will ensure the achievement use optimization of the entire management system of the hospital pharmacy.

The healthcare staff of the hospitals, used to perform their daily tasks using current systems, therefore they may receive a new software like Farhos with mixed feelings of acceptance and rejection. Only by developing of their confidence in the use of the new software tools we can ensure its acceptance and the full use of Farhos. This will be achieved through continuous training.

The primary objectives of this training are:

    • Sensitize and motivate to all the personnel involved in the project.
  • To train the personnel related to the project at different levels of system usage, especially divided into technical and end-users training.

It will be responsibility of Visual Limes to provide all the human resources and training material necessary for the development of the different personnel training courses for the adecuate use and implementing of Farhos in the hospital services.
The courses will be taught by personnel of Visual Limes and organized in close coordination with the project technicians. The courses will be perform by specific trained personnel specialized in the use and setup of Farhos.
All the staff attending those training courses to use Farhos will receive an attesting accreditation certificate by Visual Limes.

The courses offered are:

    • Training of the staff responsible of providing the first level support in the setup and maintenance of Farhos.
    • Responsible for systems management (server, users, etc) in the activities of maintenance of servers and networks for the correct working of the system Farhos.
    • We provide all the written documentation on the installation at the hospital and / or central services, as well as any subsequent Farhos updates.
    • Responsible in the Farhos software management (superusers), with setup functions and Farhos report’s definition.
    • Farhos users software training. The courses are given focused to the different health profesionals like pharmaceutics, physicians and nurse personnel.
    • Are delivered user manuals in English to all attendees.
  • For the responsibles of hardware maintenance where Farhos is installed, we establishing minimum training and recognition to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance.

Download Farhos Datasheet
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