Contact us by phone, email or through our website and we will be happy to provide a demonstration of our software and prices. As you decide on your purchase of our software can easily download from our internet link through our website.

One method of acquiring our software that allows to significantly reduce the initial financial investment, is our option of Software as a Service (SaaS), in this way, with a comfortable annual fee you will have all the benefits of our software Nefrosoft or Farhos, with software hosted on a server in the cloud with the consequent savings in hardware resources. This mode includes system maintenance and technical support.

In Visual Limes we have a wide experience in the management of information systems interconnection through Web Services protocols and HL7 connection. We can connect with hospital information systems (HIS) with laboratory information systems (LIS), with medicines storage and dispensing machines, with Hemodialysis monitors, etc., this allows to keep the information synchronized between systems simplifying the daily use and maintenance of patient information.

If you have up to date the annual maintenance and technical support fee, Visual Limes has the commitment to make available to its customers the latest existing version of our software Nefrosoft or Farhos. Our policy is to always give maximum performance in our software and the best service.

Both, Nefrosoft and Farhos they have statistical tools available to exploit the recorded data of patients in order to get indicators monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual. In addition to standard existing queries for the ones not pre-configured tools in the software we have a control panel and a query builder tools to have on demand indicators, at the anytime would be necessary for economic studies or research projects.

Farhos and Nefrosoft can be used with Windows, Linux or Mac OS X without any troubles thanks to its 3-layer technology, where the database, web application server (or business layer) and the management console (client layer ) are separated and therefore can be run from any existing operating system platform. Besides, its lightness allows you to use old equipment due to the smoothly client user level, even can be used with tablets and smartphones.

Our philosophy is to always bring all the necessary number of concurrent users of medical, pharmacy and nursing hospital services, to our systems Nefrosoft and Farhos making an study of hardware resources available on each clinic or hospital to allow the system work as fast and robust as possible when saving the information in the database. The preliminary study of information about the existing hardware technology and staff required are essential to determine the final quantity of users. But initially there is no specific limitation on concurrent users on Nefrosoft or Farhos.

Our philosophy is to use GNU software, we use Linux operative systems and SQL databases free license in order to avoid additional costs to our customers by timely periodic payment or software licenses fees. However we adapt to the requirements of our customers and our systems are perfectly adapted to run on alternative applications whose use requires the payment of licensing fees.