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November 2018

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New software solution for the administration and management of dry cleaners and laundries VLClean

In the last years from Visual Limes we have developed a computer solution for the administration and management of VLClean dry cleaners and laundries of which we will comment on its main functionalities.

One of the main advantages that VLClean brings to our customers who have a chain of several dry cleaners, is that all the stores or collection points are managed from a centralized database in the cloud, allowing the managers of the chain of dry cleaners have all the information about the services provided in real time. In addition, the probabilities of logistical errors with garments sent to other points for washing or other services are minimized.

The system helps meet the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard for quality management systems in organizations. The screen that we show below is the start console with style “Point of Sale (POS)” with buttons designed to be used from a touch screen.

Among the main features, it has:
    • A complete manager of clients, both individuals and companies

    • An invoices manager

    • A manager of special authorizations on the work to be done on the garments

    • A manager of incidences and claims of clients

    • A collection manager with the same “point of sale” design philosophy so that it can be selected from a touch screen

    • A delivery manager of the finished garments to the client

    • An advanced search system

As well as other useful tools for the internal management of the dry cleaner such as:

    • Manager of listings of articles on which to produce the services
    • Listings to group item list listings
    • Special promotions to clients
    • The accounting-type cash summary with cash inflows and outflows

    • A manager of garments prepared in block
    • A material order manager
    • A garment transport manager between stores

    • A pending job manager
    • A garment manager in transit transport
    • A budget manager

For more information, request a demonstration of the VLClean system.