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June 2018

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Nefrosoft® connects bidirectionally with hemodialysis machines

Now Nefrosoft® connects with the hemodialysis machines in a bidirectional way, sending the scheduled treatment for the patient to the machine, apart from receiving the details and events of the session recorded by the machine from the patient.

We have renewed and expanded the integration of Nefrosoft® with the hemodialysis monitors, until now Nefrosoft® was receiving the information from the hemodialysis session assessed to the patient and stored it in the history for later consultation, but now also has the capacity to send the planned treatment for the patient from Nefrosoft to the dialysis monitor:

It should be noted that from the different associations of Nephrology at national level and from the nephrology units of the different hospitals and dialysis centers in Spain, the need of full bidirectionality and the total interconnectivity of all machines with all systems begins to be seriously considered, with the different existing Nephrology information systems in the national market.

To date, the only nephrology information system capable of interconnecting with any dialysis machines on the market is Nefrosoft® from Visual Limes.

Nefrosoft® also has a version usable from tablet to facilitate the work of the nurse team and to be able to indicate patient information and their dialysis treatment in the system, practically in real time.

For any additional information about our news, request a demonstration of the Nefrosoft® system.

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Farhos manages the delivery of medication to several hospitals in a centralized manner

From Visual Limes we have several successful cases with Farhos in countries such as Mexico, where some hospitals in the State of Mexico have opted for the centralized supply of drugs and consumables from a purchasing center to the warehouses of the different hospitals of their health service of which we present below some of its characteristics.

Specifically, we have this model implanted in 14 hospitals and a purchasing center of the hospitals of the ISEM in the State of Mexico, and in 4 hospitals and a purchasing center of the ISSEMyM in the State of Mexico in order to optimize resources and improve processes purchase sets and general control of pharmaceutical expenditure.

One of the first characteristics is the centralization of the purchase services of drugs and other materials, in order to achieve greater discounts and better controls of purchases from different suppliers (mostly pharmaceutical laboratories) and a general optimization of spending in pharmaceutical purchases of the 14 hospitals with the pharmacy managed in this way.

The company managing such purchases and supplies to the hospitals uses Farhos to manage the entire flow of drugs from the supplier to the central supply warehouse and the central warehouse to the different hospitals, thereby controlling the consumption of the central warehouse and the synchronization of information on consumption of each of the sub-warehouse of each hospital (14 stores in this specific case of the example of the ISEM Hospitals).

The following image outlines the operation.

In this way, Farhos will synchronize information of the quantity of medicines and materials to generate replacement reports automatically, to manage orders to suppliers and organize deliveries to hospitals from the purchase center.

Continuing with the flow of functionalities that allows to manage Farhos to our clients with this centralized model, the following process contolled from the pharmacy of each one of the 14 hospitals, are the delivery of medication to outpatients or ambulatory patients, admitted patients and replenishments of drugs’ cabinets, as shown in the following diagram.

To perform these different tasks users have different sections within Farhos to manage the information in the system. For example in the case of deliveries to outpatients (not in the hospital) who come with your prescription to collect the prescribed medication, pharmacy users have this delivery simplified console.

The physicians use the electronic prescription to prescribe the pharmacological treatment to the patients through the following console.

After the prescription, it is printed on paper and given to the patient.

In this way, the hospitals have information on consumption and the requirements to replace drugs and other materials in real time.

For any additional information about our news, request a demonstration of the system. We will continue informing about the new versions of Farhos.

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Visual Limes successfully renews the certificate of its Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

As every year, Visual Limes has carried out together with SGS ICS Ibérica the inspection of the Quality Management System according to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard, successfully overcoming this inspection process and obtaining the renewal of the certificate until 2020.

The inspection took place last Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 where meetings were held with the different areas of the company involved in the key processes and support processes for the correct service to our customers by inspecting the different records and evidences related to those processes.

We recently received the copy of the certificate as we show below.

To maintain the validity of the certificate, from Visual Limes, in addition to the work of continuous improvement and the continuous management of the records of our activity of products and services, we perform the corresponding inspections every year for the correct maintenance and validity of the certificate.

For any additional information about the details of our Quality Management System, please contact us.