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  • Health Information Systems Development

    Software applications of natural and intuitive usage for physicians, pharmaceutics and nurses.
  • Specialized in communications

    From the design of local networks until the implementation of internet and intranet solutions.
  • Nefrosoft

    The essential software for the practice of the Nephrology.
  • Visual Limes

    Development and commercialization of applications for medical and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • Farhos

    Software for the Hospital Pharmacies with wide coverage from electronic prescription until the purchases. Is complete, brilliant, safe and easy.

Software for the nephrology and hospital pharmacy

Oncology Software | Hospital Pharmacy Software | Nephrology Software | Integration with other systems


Nephrology Information System. It includes: Pre-dialysis medical consultation, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, transplant...
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Integrated Hospital Pharmacy Information System. Purchase and storage management, electronic assisted prescription..
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Visual Limes has ready the new release of Nefrosoft® 6.4

With the usual frequency from Visual Limes we announce a new release of Nefrosoft® 6.4 with new improvements and new functionalities. The main new features incorporated to the new Nefrosoft version are the following ones. One of the major improvements to the control of the...

Visual Limes expands its market in Mexico during 2014

Since early 2014 Visual Limes have been implemented Farhos Information Management System for Hospital Pharmacy in 16 Hospitals in Mexico. Specifically we have Farhos in 14 Hospital Pharmacies in the Health Institute of the State of Mexico (ISEM) and 2 Hospitals in Nuevo Leon...

Visual Limes launches new version of Farhos 4.6 with new features

Since in July 2013 we announced the new version of Farhos v3.6 Hospital Pharmacy Management System we have been working on new improvements and features that led us to launch a new version 4.0 of our system Farhos on early 2014. The main new features of version 4.0 of Farhos are...

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